Note from Coach Paul

I have had the privilege of coaching acrobatics, gymnastics, parkour and fitness for more than 30 years. There are only a few things that excite me more than empowering others to reach their full-potential. In our gym, we encourage kids and adults to do their best. We focus on using movement and fitness as a tool to build character and to develop healthy minds and bodies.

My experience coaching includes: Ringling Brother’s Circus, Head Coach of the Flipside Acrobats, Airborne Acrobats and the OPRF Boys Gymnastics Team. As an athlete, I've been blessed to have performed and traveled all over the USA, including working as a professional acrobat with the Indiana Pacers. I believe my experience teaching children, training adults and coaching athletes has given me a good understanding of movement and physical development.


About us

The Flipside Academy of Movement is a unique indoor fitness experience that offers a safe, fun and challenging environment to support individual’s physical, mental and social growth through movement. We provide training in Parkour/Ninja Warrior, Free Running, Flipping & Tumbling and Adult Fitness.

We offer classes for kids and adults from ages 3 to 60+ across our programs.  


Flipside Academy of Movement enables participants to develop new skills and self-confidence through high-quality, integrated movement classes. We offer numerous opportunities to run, jump and climb and help build strong bones and muscle strength while improving overall physical health.

Beyond the physical approach, participants are encouraged to deal with challenges, overcome fear and achieve personal goals. We foster confidence, perseverance, determination and problem-solving to help participants succeed in every area of life.