Our Focus

Our goals are to reinforce and develop character and to train the next generation of ninja warriors, acrobats, tracers and athletes. Athletes will compete in local and regional Ninja Warrior Competitions and participate in parades and special events. Athletes will train weekly in several movement forms including parkour, acrobatics, tumbling, tricking and obstacle course training.

Our team will also hang out and have fun together at social events and team field trips, which can include team member familes.


Team Philosophy 

Hard Work Always Wins - You may not always win the trophy, however, you will learn the values of perseverance, grit and determination. You become a better person just by going through the process and embracing the challenge. If you win the trophy, it's the icing on the cake of doing something that you enjoy. 

Failure presents opportunity for growth - Many great minds, athletes and inventors failed hundreds of time before reaching greatness. Embracing failure is part of the process of being the best you; learn from it, get stronger, wiser  and smarter. 

Learning is a process that requires focus, routine and preparation with purpose. We break the large complex skills down into small maneuvers. As a team, we believe in the process of learning and that the process is more valuable than the perceived outcome.

Love and Relationships are more valuable than back flips, pull-ups, trophies. Our greatest accomplishment comes when we make life better for others. We believe that when we connect, strengthen, embrace and have fun, we create memories that will last for a lifetime.

Training Schedule

Joining the team is an 11 month commitement (May - April ). We take the month of July off from regular practice. However team members are encouraged to attend team summer training camp. Our Jr. Team will practice on Tuesday and Thursdays 4pm - 5pm . Our Senior Team will practice on Tuesday and Thursday 5pm - 7pm.

Our competition season starts in August and goes through Jaunary.



Year around schedule

(off the MOnth of July )

  Jr. Team  practice

Tuesday and Thursday 4 pm - 5 pm

 Sr. team Practice

Tuesday and Thursday 5 pm- 7  pm 

Team Fee

  Jr. Team fee

 Team  fee  : $115 per month

   Sr. Team Fee

Team  fee  : $235 per month

Team Summer Camp

Fee: $525 (Full Day Camp)

July 15th -19th